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Getting you connected to the games, nft's and tokens that use the Solvia Blockchain. Solvia world will be your portal to all the fun that comes with the Solvia Blockchain.

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Welcome to the Solvia World web page. While Solvia World is in design and construction, this page will help provide some of the content and information about Solvia World. Solvia World will soon be a website that provides a list of games that have connection to Solvia. It could be they accept Solvia for purchases or they have a token that uses the Solvia Blockchain to perform transfers. Maybe it's NFT's that have a connection to a game or something else. The Solvia World will give you a quick access point to these projects.

As new projects and platforms are added, the website will update and provide the links and information you may want to discover. Here on this web page we will provide more information. Solvia has it's own project which will be annonced soon. Make sure your part of our Social Media to get the announcments of new projects and the upcoming game from Solvia.

Solvia Proudly Presents

Zombie Puppets

Zombie Puppets Presents Evil Apocalypse

There's a battle going on. An evil power is taking over the world. A Secret Satanic cult that is harvesting our children and turning everyone into.. ZOMBIE PUPPETS!

Get ready for the game of your life! Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse is coming soon! It has in game purchases, NFT's, and more to offer everyone that plays. But it only accepts ZOMP! ZOMP is the Zombie Puppets Token and it uses the Solvia Blockchain. This game gives you all the possibilities you can handle. There's a lot to talk about and your going to get information right here!

The Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse game provides and earning structure that is pretty simple, complete the game. Each level you will earn rewards in the form of ZOMP and/or SVA. You also will earn from other players as you will soon learn. This is a FREEDOM PLAY game. That means yu can start for FREE and earn and build your game earnings by using the games other systems to grow your income.

100 Levels of game play:
There are 100 levels in the game and that isn't all there is to it. You won't beat the game and be out of the earning ability. Each NFT is it's own game. This means that each NFT is a NEW game, that has 100 levels of game play. with over 75 different possible game play experiences, that's over 7,500 levels to earn from. That's just in the first 5 years. After that, there is even more possibilites and when that time comes, you will learn all the details.

This is where NFT's have a value higher than a collectors item. Every NFT is it's own game. The way it works is, you can only play 1 character over and over. That's the FREE PLAY character. The other characters can only go through the game once, as the NFT you get. You can get multiple NFT's of the same character with a NFT release of that character. But each NFT can only go through the game and complete level 100 once. When you get an NFT, your character's "skin" will match the NFT. You can store your NFT's in the game or in an NFT wallet. Each "character" has their own set of game performance rules. The better the character the more enhanced their ablities are in the game. The best part is that each NFT also provides bonus value for completing a level. That means more rewards in the form of SVA and/or ZOMP with NFT's.

There are 5 player characters. Each has it's own unique abilities and each of them has their own "skin" that comes with the NFT. The Free play character doesn't change "skin" often. When it does, you will have the option to choose. All characters come in the 2 genders, male or female. This means you have 2 options for NFT's as well. Based on scheduled release of NFT's for the 4 characters with enhanced performance, this makes for over 75 different possibilites over a 5 year period. Here's the list of characters

Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse
1) Anarchist
2) Vigilante
3) Renegade
4) Equalizer
5) Concerned Citizen

The Concerned Citizen is the Free Play character. The rest are NFT characters. Details on each will be provided over time.

There is plenty of enemies in this game and each level has it's own share of difficulty when it comes to each enemy. Each level has a "Big Boss" at the end. In the final Levels, you will battle even Bigger Bosses! Like, the Antichrist, Satan, and the Beast! The Big Bosses in the game are the Lead Oligarchy. There are plenty of other bad members of the Oligarchy, but we created 10 of them. Each level has 1 of these Big Boss Oligarchy leaders. But there are more enemies you will fight before you get to them. The people of the world have been assimilated and are now Zombie Puppets. There are some unique properties to these enemy characters and details will be provided. Some are not as difficult as others and there are ways to "avoid" getting them to attack you. But be careful. Other enemies can provoke them too. What's even harder is, if your character dies before completing the level. When you start the level over again, a special Zombie Puppet will be waiting for you. That Zombie Puppet is YOU! Every time you die on that level, a new YOU Zombie Puppet is added until you complete the level. Here are the class of eniemies you will face.

1) The Oligarchy - Big Boss
2) Zombie Puppets
3) Enforcers
4) Karens
5)The Antichrist
6) Satan
7) The Beast

Save the Children!

There are children that need to be saved from the satanic cult. They are an important part of the game. Every child you save gives you "Divine Power". Your going to need it when you battle the Big Boss. You can have more than enough Divine Power and it will store up for when you need it. This is a special type of help. When you have enough Divine Power you can summon the Arch Angel Michael to help you. He is best used when battling the Big Boss. Prior to the Big Boss battle, summoning the Arch Angel Michael is to simply clear the area of evil. You'll understand more when we begin showing you real game play videos.

Here's the Premier Video for Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse

There is a lot of information still to learn about Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse. We will be adding more content and information as we continue, Be sure to get your Solvia so you can get ZOMP. You will need ZOMP to get NFT's and a whole lot more. Don't miss out on this fun game you can earn from. Not only do you earn, you learn. Some things, like valuable information, are worth more than money.