Solvia World

The Solvia World game is a combination of game looks. It may feel like Super Mario with the ability to shoot and jump, while also having a Legend Of Zelda look for the map.

There are 10 Big Bosses per level. The Bosses remain the same each level but the difficulty goes up with each level.  The bosses are named in the game as the evil rulers and governors of the world and need to be stopped. A person progresses through each boss to get to the next boss. To get to the boss, a person needs to navigate a maze. This maze contains “enforcers” and “manipulators” that attempt to kill the user during their navigation of the maze to reach the boss. This is a single-play option, but to advance to the next level a person needs to play in the group battle and win. The person needs to win 10 times in group battle play with up to 5 other players to advance to the next level.

Level: 10 boss mazes. Requires 10 wins in the “Arena” battles.  There are 100 levels for maximum status.  

There will only be differences in the “maze” at levels 25,50, 75, and 100. This means there are 40 different mazes to reach the big boss.  

Boss Mazes get more difficult, and mazes get longer as the player progresses. The first maze will not take much effort, but the 10th maze will be long and difficult. Ensuring that players are playing continuously to keep their skill levels high.

2 Weapons: Solar Cannon and Fire Grenade.  These weapons do not have unlimited ammo and require the user to acquire ammo in the game. These will be provided in the mazes. If a user prefers to “buy” ammo, they can at the beginning of each game.  

Max Ammo: Solar Cannon-1,000 and Fire Grenade-100 Solar Cannon is like a sub machine gun. The rate of fire can be increased by upgrading the weapon. Players will need to upgrade as is necessary to combat the “enforcers” and “Manipulators” in the game as well as the Big Boss.  

Shield: Players get a shield which is automatic. It can be upgraded to a Max of 500 Hit points. Starts at 10 Hit points. This can be powered up in the game by finding shield generators in the game. Users only have the shield amount that they acquire in the game. A person can have 0 Shield but purchase a Shield generator which makes their shield it’s maximum potential before game play.  

Shield Generators: Members find shield generators in the game that replenish their shield based on the amount of the generator. There are 4 different generator opportunities. 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. These will be randomized in the game providing a different game for each player. Shield generators purchased prior to the start of a maze or arena battle are 100% generators.

Ammo: Players start with 100 Solar Cannon Ammo and 5 Fire Grenades. Ammo can be found in the game. Ammo Packs: Ammo Packs are found in the game. Each time a pack is found 8 different options are acquired if the member has 1 less of any of the maximum potential for that weapon. The process of receiving is determined when the player acquires the pack. First deciding what ammo – Solar Cannon or Fire Grenades and then the amount. Amount is based on level of play.20% of Maximum potential, but not exceeding. If a member receives the option for Fire Grenades and the maximum is 50for the player, and the player has 45, the amount available will be 10Grenades, but only 5 will be issued to reach maximum potential.

Enforcers: These are “goons” as characters in the game that have a single weapon to shoot and kill the player. They orient on the player and shoot. Their rate of fire and speed of the ammo is determined by the level of play. Slower rate and speed for lower levels.  Higher rate and speed in the upper levels. They can be killed with both a Solar Cannon and Fire Grenades  

Manipulators: They are hidden points in the map that “bounce” the player away from the location. They can only be eliminated with fire grenades.

Some maps will be “ground” based maps that the user walks around on and searches for the big boss. Some maps will be “jumping” maps that require the user to “climb” through the maze to get to the big boss. This will add different views and skill requirements for users.  

The Arena is not that big and most players will be in sight of each other. There will be obstacles in the Arena to mitigate the play. Making it last longer.  

Characters: Anarchist, Vigilante, Renegade, Equalizer and Concerned Citizen. Anarchist: 25% increase in Hit points, 10% More ammo when found. 100 hit point added to Shield. Vigilante: 20% increase in Hit points, 20% More ammo when found. 50 hit points added to shield. Renegade: 15% increase in Hit Points, 5% More ammo when found. 75 hit points added to shield. Equalizer: 10% increase in Hit points, 50% more ammo when found.  Concerned Citizen: Nothing. This is for free players.