Pool Staking in Solvia Available in the Online Wallet!

For staking in Solvia, one has to make a stake account and then delegate the stake to any of the network validators. Validators charge a certain percentage from stake reward as commission to cover the cost of running a node.

There are four options available in the application-

New Stake
Withdraw Stake
Delegate Stake

Explanation and utility of each option

This option can be used for a new stake.
Steps to use-
a. Select the validator address to stake to.
b. Generate new address for your new stake account. This address represents your stake account you must note it down for future use. (Click Generate)
c. Enter the amount you want to stake and click submit.
The above command will make two transactions from your wallet, first to initialize your stake account and second, to delegate stake from this stake account to the selected validator.
Your Stake can be viewed in the Solvia Explorer using your Stake Account ID you noted for future use.

This option can be used to unstake the delegated stake.
Steps to use -
a. Enter the stake account you want to unstake your coins from.
b. Click submit.
Above command will unstake all the coins.
Note - it may take several epochs to cool down the delegated state and to be available for withdrawing.

This option can be used to withdraw the unstake coins from the stake account.
Steps -
a. Enter the stake account address.
b. Enter the withdrawal address.
c. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click submit.

If you unstaked your coins using unstake command and wish to stake again, or you want to change the validator to stake too, then first unstake your coins and then use delegate stake to re-delegate your stake.
Steps -
a. Enter your stake account address
b. Select validator address click submit