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Frequestly Asked Questions

What are validators?
Validators are the essential part of the programming held on a server that enables the blockchain. A Validator does the work of maintaining the ledger, using Proof of History or PoH. The validator does what it is called. It validates the transactions added to the ledger. It connects with other validators in a cluster. Validators also get commissions from people who delegate Solvia to their validator for Pool Staking. It also receives Network transaction Fees that it shares with those that stake. Get a validator: You can get a validator easily by connecting with our friends at NodeHub.

Grants are part of the Solvia Ecosystem. Each Grant has its own part in helping Solvia become bigger andstronger. Grants provide capital for their specific area.

There are 4 types of Grants:

1) Development:

a. Development grants are used to develop Solvia and applications that use Solvia. Development of Smart Contracts are a necessary part of the Ecosystem and allow Solvia to grow in many directions. Grants can be requested for the building of these applications.
This includes:
i. NFT's and NFT market Places
ii. GameFi and games that create tokens that use the Solvia Smart Chain
iii. Decentralized applications that could include a DEX or other Smart Contracts.

2) Marketing:

a. Marketing is a key source for growing awareness for Solvia and Applications that use the Solvia Smart Chain. Applications that have been developed on the Solvia Smart chain including NFT's, GameFi and other Decentralized Applications can request a Marketing Grant

3) Exchange Listing:

a. Exchange listing grants offer a source for accessibility to Solvia Tokens. They are also a source for liquidity. By enabling Exchanges to request a Grant to list Solvia, the opportunity for listing is in the hands of the exchange. There is no longer a requirement to negotiate or apply for listings. Capital for the listing is in the grant and the strength of the exchange.

4) Merchant Acceptance:

a. Merchant Acceptance grants create use for the Solvia Tokens you have and can offer you goods and services that you purchase with Solvia. This can include digital services like using Solvia to purchase GameFi tokens using the Solvia Smart Chain. Goods that you purchase from online retailers and more.

How to apply:
Send your proposal using one of the following Google Documents.
Merchant Acceptance

Pool Staking

Pool Staking is very simple. Here is a video on how to do this from your meta wallet. This type of Defi has been around for a while but with Solvia you get 10% APY (reduced by the validator commissions). Each stake delegation has a warm up and cool down period.

Disintegration Nodes

Disintegration Nodes are NEW type of Defi. This is a necessary action-oriented process. Disintegration node Holders also get to VOTE on Grants and therefore have a voice in the direction and success of Solvia. Users must BURN Solvia in the amount required to activate the Disintegration Node they choose. There is a distribution of rewards that is based on a specific amount daily and each node group gets a portion of this. There are 3 types of Disintegration Nodes, and each has a different return and allocation value. Here is how it works:

Number of Solvia rewarded per day (Daily Allocation): 14,400
Each node is allocated a portion of the daily reward and those rewards are then distributed evenly to all nodes active in that Disintegration node group. The Solvia Required for Activation is BURNED from the network. You do not get this amount returned to you. Once the total Solvia for the node is allocated to anode, the node disintegrates. It no longer exists.

Disintegration Nodes
Node Name
Node Name
Node Name
Requirements in SOLVIA
Percentage Return ( % )
Return Value In SOLVIA


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