A new trend is about to begin!

Developing deflationary characteristics with anti-circulation affects. Breaking the boundaries of old technology and enabling new technology to advance opportunity.

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Fast transactions, scalable and built for development!

Fully Scalable

Scalable technology that advances with technology to perform even better! As the network grows, clusters make your project fast and scalable to meet your needs.

Built for Development
Multi-layer blockchain technology that is easy to use and interact with. Building a powerful ecosystem from grant contracts and scalable technology. A developers dream!
Fast Transactions

400 msec transactions. Making transactions super fast. Less than one second!

Solvia World Games

A portal for games using Solvia Smart Chain including Solvia's own game.

Zombie Puppets:
The Elite have taken over the world. Sound familiar? Not only have they taken over the world, they plan to enslave you and control your life. They even plan to kill you. Are you an Anarchist? A Vigilante? or just a Concerned Citizen? Battle for your life and gain from every battle. Defeat the elites like Cletus Schwablicker who says "Eat ze bugs and you will be my slave for all time!" Or "the pervasive genius" Gilbert Bates and many others. Soon to be a CULT CLASSIC! Earn Solvia and an additional token using the Solvia Smart chain. Save the world from the elites and better your life. 1,000's of hours of game play!

3 things you should know about SOLVIA!

There is plenty to learn about Solvia. The Solvia blockchain is more than just a blockchain. Tokenization abilities' provide unlimited potential. NFT abilities' are the current trend and you can make them on Solvia. Decentralized applications provide immutability. Get more information about Solvia by clicking the link below.

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Disintegration Nodes

Disintegration Nodes are deflationary. They also create anti-circulation demand.


Burned Pre-mine

Solvia has no pre-mine held or sold. It is all burned or given away in air-drops or "bounties".


Grant Contracts

Grant Contracts provide incredible opportunity for developers to build immutable projects.

Unbound Potential

Unlimited, immutable, and unbound potential with opportunities for all.

Disintegration Nodes and Staking Pool! Find out more here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download the entire blockchain to use Solvia?

No. You can use a Meta Wallet to send and receive Solvia.

Did Solvia have an ICO?

No. Solvia pre-mine was burned and project development came from donations. Donators received Nodes for their support of the project. Additional pre-mine totaling 650,000 Solvia was air dropped and given away for "bounties" to users.

How can I earn Solvia?

There are several ways to earn Solvia. Each of them unique. You can run a Validator, create a Disintegration Node, Stake Solvia or receive a Grant.

Where can I exchange Solvia?

Click here to learn where and how to exchange Solvia.